The new way to store and manage the artworks.

Archeto is a safe and easy-to use digital platform.

Thanks to ARCHETO's powerful database you can store all kinds of artworks with a high level of detail and manage relationships with different entities: contacts, conservation places, pubblications, exhibitions and auctions.
By using ARCHETO, you can publish online detailed views of one specific work and also complete lists, generating public links easy to share with your contacts.
It is possible to generate Pdf documents like authentications, cartouches, detailed sheets directly from your archive. They can be related both to the single artwork and lists, with the possibility to customise contents, format and aspect.

Archeto is the answer for all the art market's players.

Artist archives

To store all artworks and keep track of transfers of property, certificates and authentications condition.


To catalogue the whole production, know the state of conservation and share your own work.


To manage your own collection, know its value, history and state of conservation.


To organize your catalogue, manage events, manifestations, track and lead the attention of your clients.

Institutions (curators, museums and foundations)

To browse the catalogue of works, manage their availability, location and the history of exhibitions and pubblications.

Archeto is a powerful, flexible and functional tool.

Artworks archive

The level of detail through which catalogue a work goes from simple general information to the single process during the auction, from the single restoration work to the individual expenditure items of the production list. If you need to archive information, Archeto can do it.

Search tools

Archeto offers different types of search: simple, on principal fields, or advanced and customizable on each field of the archive. All search results can be filtered on different variables.

Artworks lists

Works can be gathered in lists: the groups of works can be shared, published or even created in case of events and manifestations.

Contact book

Archeto contact book allows to save every kind of counterpart. Each contact can be related to a single artwork, as owner, interested party or professional figure.

Publications / exhibitions

Each publication and exposition within the archive can be connected to every single artwork and make it easier to complete and manage the archive itself.

Public views

In Archeto, you can generate a link (public or password protected) associated to each work and list making information and detailed images accessible to everybody.

Export of documents

Detailed sheets, cartouches, authentication forms, transport notes: for every work or works list, it is possible to generate and customize Pdf documents.

Modular solution

Archeto allows a single user to manage different archives or let different users to manage the same archive.


Manage your own archive or collection: it is possible to create a list of locations and connect your properties to know where they are exactly.

A cloud-based service which makes it easier to share and spread artworks in total safety.


Archeto is a cloud-based platform based on a serverless architecture provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). All data are stored in AWS data centers which are extremely safe and meet the highest standards of safety.

Full responsive

Archeto is optimized for every device, independent of the operatying system or the screen size. All you need is an updated browser and an Internet connection.